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Live tweet of the GENIS LAB Final Conference on December 12th, 2014 at #genislab1212

GENIS LAB Fourth Transnational Workshop

Within the Genis Lab project, the fourth transnational workshop will be held in Dresden on 16 and 17 June.
The meeting will facilitate the dissemination and exchange of the results achieved by the project partners in the implementation of the Tailored Action Plans. This will be the last scheduled partnership meeting before the launching of the final conference that will be held in Dresden on the 12th December 2014.

GENIS LAB Slovenia: Women for science

Our Slovenian partners at the National Institute of Chemistry have produced this great video to demonstrate that you don't need to show women to state their importance in science and in life.

GENIS LAB Third Transnational Conference

The third Genis Lab transnational conference will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the 25th and 26th November 2013 at the National Institute of Chemistry.

The conference represents an opportunity for partners to receive updates on project activities, discuss Tailored Action Plans implementation and participate in a “Focus on Excellence” training. The new Genis Lab photo contest will also be presented at the event.

You can download the agenda for the conference here.

GENIS LAB Newsletter 4 is out

The newest issue of the Genis Lab newsletter is online! In this issue, we have a chat with our colleagues at BTH, present the National Institue of Chemistry of Slovenia, introduce our new photo contest, discuss women winners of scientific Nobel prizes, and much more.

Download it here or find it in the newsletter section.

EIGE - Gender stereotypes stories

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has published a collection of more than 500 real-life stories, as told by individuals from all EU member states, on how gender stereotypes have had an influence on different aspects of their lives - including their career and education.

Find the database here:

EC workshop on gender in the classroom

Genis Lab is represented at the European Commission today by Barbara De Micheli of FGB, who will be giving a presentation on gender stereotypes in a restricted workshop at the Directorate General for Research and Innovation.

GENIS LAB is on Facebook and LinkedIn!

The official social network pages for Genis Lab have recently been launched.

Join the discussion, be a part of our network and receive updates on our activities by following us on:





Article: Breaking the vicious cycle of gender stereotypes and science

by Flavia Zucco and Francesca Molfino (Associazione Donne e Scienza)

Download Article 

1st Thematic Workshop GENIS LAB

The thematic workshop will take place in Belgrade, hosted by our partner FTM UB on February 27th-28th 2012.

It will be the occasion for the partners to discuss about the three ongoing Laboratories and to set the ground for the implementation of an “awareness campaign on stereotypes”.

ICTP-CSIC Participatory Gender Audit

The ICTP-CSIC (Spanish Superior Council for Scientific Research - Institute for Polymer Science and Technology) Report of the Participatory Gender Audit has been released.

Download report.