Welcome to our library. In our virtual bookshelves you will find interesting texts about women in science, gender and science, European policies on science.

First of all, the Wikipedia entry for women in science. Want to know more? Discover the great women of science history with the Women in science audio book, which celebrates European women scientists throughout the ages.

The science in society portal of the European Commission has an e-library where you can find a lot of information on European policies, national and European reports. Among them we suggest:

Challenging futures of science and society, the Masis Report, European Commission

She figures 2012, Statistics and indicators on gender equality in science, European Commission


Books and articles you can read on line about women’s careers in Europe:

Athena unbound: the advancement of women in science and technology. Henry Etzkowitz, Carol Kemelgor, Brian Uzz, Cambridge University Press

A Double Bind: Minority Women Scientists in Europe, Elizabeth Pain, sciencemag.org

Women in science: career processes and outcomes, Yu Xie, University of Michigan

More women in science, Jo Handelsman (and others), sciencemag.org

How to fill the gender gap in research, by Maria Luigia Paciello, INFN

Breaking the vicious cycle of gender stereotypes and science, by Flavia Zucco and Francesca Molfino (Associazione Donne e Scienza)

Assessing excellence, by Flavia Zucco (Associazione Donne e Scienza e Genis Lab)

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