Expertise in gender budgeting

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini has worked for years on European research development and project management in different areas of expertise. In the last three years the Foundation has taken part as promoter, scientific coordinator or partner in many European projects on gender equality, engaging various public and private entities in Italy and in a number of European countries. At present the Foundation is coordinating two important European research networks on gender: EGGE Network: European Network of Experts on Employment and Gender Equality Issues, EGGSI Network: European Network of Experts on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, on employment and gender, and on social inclusion.

Main tasks to be developed by Fondazione Brodolini:

Leading partner of the consortium; Coordinating partner of the WP1 “Project management” and of the WP5 “evaluation and self assessment”. FGB will also lead LAB3: GENIS-LAB Laboratory on the Organisational Financial dimension and Gender budgeting.

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