The Research Division of Technoscience Studies, School of Planning and Media Design of the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden, expands and transforms theoretical and practical knowledge bases of technology research & Development & Innovation. The research is based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Gender Research within Technoscience. The researchers linked to Technoscience studies are active in four main areas namely: Design for Digital Media, Feminist Technoscience, ICT for Development / ICT4D, Interaction Infrastructure Logistic. Technoscience Studies is also the name of a PhD program at Faculty of Technology at BTH. The Division of Technoscience Studies belongs to the School of Planning and Media Design at BTH – a profiled technical University of Applied ICT and Sustainable Development. ToS is a new field of technology and engineering and is highly innovative in terms of development of gender research within technoscience, media technology, methodology for ICT related research and innovation system and cluster development.

Activities in the “gender and research” field

The aim of Technoscience Studies is to develop complex knowledge about ICT including media technologies as reality-producing technologies as well as of the transformations that follow in its wake. ToS is working within the perspective of gender research developed in technoscience.

Seeing ICT as reality-producing technologies rest on the idea that all of us, researchers in the field included, are enmeshed in development processes. No innocent positions exist. ICT intervenes in and co-creates people’s everyday lives. On the other hand, ICT is developed and interpreted and practiced by people. The aim of Technoscience Studies is thus to create a theoretical basis as well as practice for developmental processes in ICT-related fields as well as in the context of innovation systems. In this day and age knowledge is generated in the overlapping borderland of universities, companies and other regional, national and international entities. These processes are not least apparent in our region and affect the way in which BTH carries out R&D work. The term technoscience connotes this understanding of the production of knowledge, technology and reality.

The way in which technoscience is defined by internationally leading researchers such as Donna Haraway raises questions about boundaries and the transgression of the boundaries between science, technology, politics and society, and between humans and non-humans as in the processes of hybridisation between people and machines (cyborg theories).

Main tasks to be developed by the Blekinge Institute of Technology

Coordinating partner of the WP3 “Cooperative Pooling of Gender Management Tools”; participation in gender targeted organisational analysis (WP2), participation to the three Laboratories (WP3); definition and implementation of the self-tailored action plans.(WP4), participation in dissemination activities and transnational cooperation.

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